Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Student Post: Natasha Yoder on Why She Loves Wednesdays

Wednesdays are my most favorite days here in India! Every week I look forward to Wednesdays because Wednesdays are internship days! My placement is with an organization called Udavum Karangal, which translates to “Helping Hands”, at a site called Sondham, which is a children’s village.  Children who are orphans who have been abandoned and rescued live in this children’s village. Sondham also has a school there for the orphans (and for others who are day scholars).  I spend most of my time at the school there.

Truly, I love my internship! It is exciting to be able to have field experience in India along with my studies. It is a once in a lifetime experience! I am so happy to be placed at a site working with orphans.  Helping orphans is something I am passionate about and what I want to spend my life doing, so this is a really great opportunity for me. 

Besides loving the fact that I get to be with orphans, I genuinely really enjoy the site where I was placed. The staff there are really nice and give me tea (and also try to keep feeding me more food!) and are very welcoming. They are flexible and take my interests into consideration.  My BACAS student guide told them I would like to work with the little kids, and they said that I am welcome to teach the children.  They told me I can choose what classes I would like to work in. I appreciate that and how kind the staff there are to me.

What's more, the children there are just so great! They are the most adorable and precious children. They like to laugh and have fun and they love affection. Although like most kids, they can be silly, but they are also really sweet. One little boy even gave me a gift last time-- grass. He was holding these blades of grass out to me and kept saying “A gift for you.”  One little boy at Sondham is the most adorable little boy.  Even though Sondham is a Hindu organization, they have Bible Time on Wednesday mornings with two pastors from Child Evangelism Fellowship. It is really neat and so sweet to see the kids singing and doing actions to the songs. This past week one little boy sitting in the front row kept looking over at my student guide and me every two minutes with the biggest, cheesiest smile I have ever seen in my life! I tried so hard not to laugh, but I could not help it. Even my student guide was laughing after I showed him the little boy and told me to zoom in on the little boy and take a picture. The little boy definitely knew too, that he was making us laugh.  (I really hope I get to be in his class sometime).

I definitely enjoy my time at Sondham and am so excited to spend Wednesdays loving on and teaching orphans. My internship is definitely a blessing! Already I cannot wait until next week!

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