Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beyond BACAS: Guides and Gurus:: Installment 2

Welcome to the second in our series called "Beyond Bacas: Guides and Gurus" where we introduce you to some of the familiar, friendly faces in the lives of ISP students. Our second face is another of our peer mentors, the group of BACAS students paired with ISP students for the semester, who can often be found in the company of our first featured face!

We'll call this one Deepni's "model" face. :) She's modeling a traditional salwaar kamiz!

Deepni Pradeep

Aren't you on Facebook? I tried to find you, but you weren't there.
I was, but then I spent all of my time there. I'd get up in the morning and forget to brush my teeth because immediately I'd be on there, and then I'd get to school and realize I never did brush my teeth but just wasted my time.

I was born in Coimbatore and brought up in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. My family still lives there. I came back to Coimbatore to take care of my grandparents.

Oman! Do you speak any Arabic?
A little. I can get by. For emergency!

What are you studying here at BACAS?
I'm doing Viscom [Visual Communication] final year.  

What do you want to do with your degree?
I want to be a sound engineer, for Christian albums. 

Great! So you and Fabian can work together?
Sure, I will record Fabian's album! 

What was your reaction when you were assigned to be a peer mentor?
My first thought was, Oh my god. I thought I'm going to America. But then they were coming here, so I thought it would be nice to make friends, so when I travel to America I'll have friends. I'm happy, excited, yay!

What are you particularly excited about this semester?
I'm going to finish! I'm also so happy that ISP students are here. Before I didn't have free time, but this semester, now I have some. I enjoy getting free time to spend with ISP, I went on the Pollachi trip [for Pongal], which was amazing. Next week we've got the FACE competition and I'm singing 3 songs, and rapping two more. And, at the end of January I'm going to Muscat. I'm going for 8 days. I want to see my mom so badly. I miss her! I can't eat [without her cooking]. I can't sleep. Nothing else will do!

What will you do after graduation?
Next year I will go to Pune, in Maharashtra, to continue in my education. Then I'll get a job in sound engineering.

What are your hobbies, now that you have free time again?
I love singing. I love singing along with karaoke, it's my favorite. Then, I like to write lyrics and poems. I enjoy cooking, but my grandma doesn't allow me to here because I keep burning her [cooking] vessels! Also, I have my own car. I like to take my car and camera and go around and talk to people. I prefer to meet villagers and I like talking to them with no agenda, no proper subject. Usually, they are happy to share things with me, and I share about my life with them. I take pictures of them and love photographing them. I also enjoy photographing landscapes. There's a lot of things I like to do, just now I can't think of any: if I get time, I just do it. I keep the writings from my village visits and the photos for myself now but I used to upload to Facebook, when I had it. Now I just keep them for myself. But when I had Facebook, I had an album called "Smile." I even have in there some grampas with no teeth. They're really cute. In the album I would tell the story with the pictures, and the whole time you looked at the album you felt like smiling the whole time. Like that. 

What's your favorite Indian dish?
Well, ::big smile:: it's dosa! Ghee roast. But then I love biryani, too. Chicken biryani.

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