Friday, February 1, 2013

In Pictures: Amazing Race: Coimbatore

After the family dosa, one of our favorite parts of orientation here at ISP is the Amazing Race. At that point, students have been here for a few days and are beginning to get their bearings in this new city so we send them off for their own adventures and exploration.

Welcome dinner with peer mentors and a family dosa to share!
They are given a list of landmarks to find around Coimbatore, braving buses and autos to find everything before meeting up with staff for a fabulous Indian dinner over which they share their stories. 

Kari meeting the local tailor.
After hunting for some local sites, each group was sent off to a different part of the city. Each area of town has its own distinct personality: Town Hall overflows with pedestrians, Gandhipuram is bustling with street-side stalls, and RS Puram is a sprawling shopping district. 

Wandering Town Hall.
Batch 4 proved to be rather competitive and each group completed their list, some even with time to spare!

Providence holding up the leaning tower on Race Course.

Abby and Jason discover Shah Rukh Khan movies.

Bekah and Abby making friends at the Gurudwara.

Adventuring in the poo market (flower market). 
We are excited to see what other adventures this semester has in store for us!

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