Saturday, September 14, 2013

Home Stays (Part 1)

This past weekend the students had the chance to go on a home stay with students from the college. In order to hear their perspective on the experience, I'm going to let them tell about it:

Becca and Emma:
Our home-stay was spent at our friend Jennifer's home in Coimbatore. We were taken to the Perur Temple where we were given an extensive tour by a family friend and were even allowed into the rooms marked by golden archways where Hindus believe their gods live. Afterwards we drove to the foothills of the Velliangiri mountains and spent the afternoon at the Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple where we bathed in an underground pool made of solidified mercury and spent time in silence within the massive dome structure.  We also went to a horror movie, ate a chicken masala burger at McDonalds, shopped at the mall, and spent an afternoon at an amusement/water park.

With Jennifer at her house
Becca riding the sumo-wrestler ride at the amusement park
Stevie and Faith:
This weekend we went to Ooty, a city spread out in the cool lush mountains and segregated by tea and vegetable crops. The father of our host family is the pastor for Bread of Life Church, so we were able to sleep on site. The first evening we had the privilege of being welcomed into a tribal village and witnessing a miracle. Only a few of the people could speak English and everyone knows we can’t speak Tamil, so smiling and the mispronunciation of each other’s languages was the communication for the evening. As guests, we were welcomed to sit on the large bed in the hut and enjoy the delicious meal while our hosts watched us eat. After our meal, a mute man entered the room and fell at the pastor’s feet. Several minutes of intense praying by the pastor and the elder women in the hut, the man collapsed, seemingly unconscious. Within the next minute he sat up, stood up, put his hands to his chest and whispered “stotram” (praise the Lord). From mute to talking in under ten minutes, in this small hut, in the middle of nowhere. The presence of God was so powerful during our entire weekend but it was that night that made us feel truly blessed to be here.

Stay tuned for more stories from the rest of the student's home stay experiences!

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