Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On the Road: Varanasi

Hello from Varanasi- the City of Lights!

These past few days have been so full as we explore the back alleyways and the river front of this famous city. How to possibly describe it? An overwhelming experience for all the senses: blare of horns of motorbikes trying to maneuver through, cries of deals from the vendors, pungent scent of fresh cow manure mixed with aromatic spices, crowded chaotic streets where one must avoid cows, dogs, cow patties, trash, children, bikes and an endless stream of people! 

On our first day we walked through the narrow winding streets on a tour led by an American man who has lived in Varanasi for 12 years. He pointed out various holy sites, led us into abandoned palaces, and showed us a burning ghat where cremations are done. We visited the famous Blue Lassi which is totally a foreigner's joint but they serve EXCELLENT lassi's! (A lassi is like flavoured fresh yoghurt but so much better!) The next night we took a boat ride on the Ganges in order to view the surroundings from a different perspective. We also watched the nightly aarti which is a worship ceremony to the Ganges river. The day ended on a high with a visit to an authentic Italian pizzeria followed by apple pie and icecream... Happy Thanksgiving to us!

On our last day in Varanasi some students got up to watch the sun rise over the Ganges and watch the morning aarti and Hindus doing their ritual bathing. Students also had the opportunity to explore on their own and get in some shopping.

Tonight we board the train for Agra...which means we are headed to the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort! 

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