Saturday, January 18, 2014

Batch 6 Has Arrived!

Our 6th Batch has arrived! They flew in on Wednesday and were immediately ready to go! We sent them around with their peer mentors from BACAS to show them around the area and keep them walking and upright. By dinner it was hard to stay awake, but we provided them with a vast array if new foods (paneer, gobi, and paper dosa) to keep them interested.
Welcome to BACAS
The beautiful peacock rangoli created by the art department
 The past days we have been in orientation. Students have learned some basic do's and don'ts of the culture here as well as been introduced to their teachers and staff. We had the chance to go shopping one afternoon for new salwar kameez for class and thankfully the peer mentors came along to give fashion advice.Students had the chance to take their first auto rickshaw ride, try schwarma from Arabian Fried Chicken, and visit the local grocery store.

Academic Orientation
 After several days getting their feet on the ground, our students are ready to go out on their own to complete Amazing Race Coimbatore. We have split them into small groups and provided them a set of clues and tasks to complete that will take them across the city. They have to find certain landmarks, get tea at certain stalls, and take pictures of themselves at certain locations. In the evening the groups are meeting the ISP at various favorite restaurants across the city to celebrate their success.
Chrissie and Kelly with their new outfits

On Monday the students start their first classes!

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  1. there's a little shawarma place called madheena near the post office (trichy road) with the best shawarma i've had outside of the middle east. Rs 40 per wrap. go, go, go!