Friday, February 14, 2014

The Sari

When girls come to India, they often come with a dream to get to wear a sari. Even after living here for several weeks, we are still in awe at the beauty and elegance of all the saris around us!

A couple weeks ago several of the girls went to Town Hall- a more crowded bustling part of the city in order to shop for saris. We were so amazed at the vast variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics of this one simple cloth and had fun sorting through racks and rack of saris. The girls even got to ‘try on’ saris at the shop.

Megan being wrapped by the shop ladies
On Wednesday night we were invited to our first Indian wedding which was the perfect opportunity to wear the new saris. Our very kind Auntie across the hall very generously helped to wrap the girls and make sure we were presentable. Saris pinned securely? Check. Bindi positioned correctly? Check. Ready to go!

All dressed and ready to go!
Amber, Lydia, and Megan at the wedding
While the newlywed couple greeted all the guests, we enjoyed the beautiful decorations and feasted on byriyani, dosa, and payasam!
The newlywed couple

~photo credit Lydia Phoenix

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