Monday, September 17, 2012

In Pictures: Amazing Race: Coimbatore!

Orientation would not be complete without a little adventure! So towards the end of their first few days here we sent our students out on the Amazing Race: Coimbatore.

ISPers with the tailor at Feelings.
What is the Amazing Race? Students are given a list of important locations in the area and turned loose for an afternoon of exploration. This is the first chance that they have to be out on their own and part of the aim is to encourage ISP-ers to gain confidence in getting around their city. At the end of their afternoon they are met by a staff member for a celebration dinner where they share their stories!

Aleena tries to push up the leaning tower on Race Course.
Their tasks ranged from finding the grocery store and discovering new produce (ask them what butter fruit and brinjal are!) to spotting the replicas of famous landmarks from around the world that dot Race Course. 

Tanner and Ashley at the neighborhood Ganesha Temple. 

On the way they also searched for Connexions (a nearby bookstore), peeked into some neighborhood temples and braved buses and autorickshaws. 

Morgan discovers Bollywood movies!
Despite their jet-lagged state, all of the teams had an exciting afternoon that they're not likely to forget soon!

Aleena explores Pazhamudir, a local grocery store.
Photos by Aleena Plummer, Kelly Uchiumi, Hannah Burgess and their teammates.


  1. i love that the tailor at feelings is randomly introduced to ISPeas in the same manner every semester. he does good work- i hope that he doesn't take the onslaught of white people as an insult. ;)

  2. wow hope u had a nice time in our city! cheers :)