Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meet the staff!

Vannakam! My name is Karmen and I am excited to be the new program assistant at ISP. I first came to India as a student, and have kept returning since then. My experiences here have been formative in my understanding of the world, introducing me to ideas of international development, globalization and how our faith integrates with them. These have gone on to influence what I pursue – from resettling refugees in the US and studying in the Middle East to working for a non-profit furthering education in Central and Southeast Asia. I’m looking forward to being with our ISP-ers as they walk through challenges and new experiences on their journey in India!

Karmen Tam, ISP Program Assistant, exploring Turkey

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  1. i love that we're basically life-twins, karmen. so happy for you to be with ISP! hope the ISPeas (and the BACAS students and staff) are wonderful, helpful and excited for your time, too- i can't imagine they wouldn't be. :)