Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Week of 'Lasts'

It's hard to believe that this is our last week in Coimbatore! Students still remember their first time to the grocery store, restaurants, and classes. It's amazing how fast the semester has gone!

This week students are turning in their final papers and presenting their various projects:

Students Shaina and Amber from the Indian Design class designed and created beautiful saris. Fellow students Maaike and Megan did a great job modeling the designs!
Design students, their models, and the professors
 Students in the Art class had to come up with some art form to show what they have learned about India over the semester. Kara and Chrissie wowed us with a Bollywood-style dance and Corey presented photography on the Powers of Women in India.
Art students with their professor and Kirk Ji
Students are also trying to make the most of this week and enjoy their 'lasts'. Last times with friends, last sunsets on the rooftop, last times to eat out at their favorite restaurants, last chances to shop, and last chances to explore Coimbatore.
Sunset from the rooftop of Raheja-overlooking the mountains and the Taj
Apartment 408 enjoying dinner out together
Apartment 408 PLUS Corey!

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