Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On the Road: BIRDS

On Sunday evening, we boarded the train to start our 18 days of travel across north India!

First stop: the small rural village of Cuddapah in the middle of Andhra Pradesh.

We are visiting an organization called BIRDS which works with farmers in learning how to become more self-sustaining. The program also rescues girls caught in the sex trafficking trade and runs a children's home and school. Uncle obviously is involved in a great number of projects, and he took the time to explain how BIRDS started and what they are doing.

We were able to visit a local village where the farmers are implementing their new knowledge and had a chance to ask them questions about their experience.

Visiting a local village
We also went for a hike through the forest-stopping to see many Hindu temples and shrines along the way. 

Our hike through the woods
Tonight we board the train headed to another small village in Andhra Pradesh to visit a children's home.

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  1. aww MAN i can't believe you guys are going both to BIRDS and the childrens' home. :( i want to join so badly!