Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beyond BACAS: Familiar Faces:: Lakshmi (The Dog)

Here’s our second Familiar Faces installment. It might seem odd to you that we’re featuring a dog as our “Familiar Face” but if you walked Race Course every morning, you’d understand why this post is dedicated to Lakshmi.
{Typical Lakshmi pose}
A walk to school would not be the same without a greeting from our favorite Indian dog (dubbed “Jake’s Dog” by the Second Batch of ISP students). Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, Lakshmi can be found on some place along Race Course road. She is extremely friendly…. when she’s awake. More often than not, she will usually be napping on a sunny patch of sidewalk. And while she’s usually found close to one particular store, she was once spotted far down the road, closer to BACAS. Turns out that on that day she had followed Jake Maude to school (he frequently reminds the group of how much he’ll miss her when we leave Coimbatore).
{Have we told you that she's REALLY friendly?}
Come to India! As if you needed more incentive to come join us, you’ll be greeted by this adorable dog every morning. 

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