Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Singles Awareness Day India!

Although Valentines Day was a couple weeks ago, we thought that you'd appreciate hearing about how we celebrate here in India.

 While friends and families celebrated, or completely ignored, Valentines Day back home, our ISP students decided to put a twist on their V-Day party celebrations. In order to come to the party, guests had to dress up like a famous pair or group such as peanut butter and jelly or Batman and Robin. Students invited their friends and peer mentors and encouraged them to dress up. In keeping with the breakfast for dinner theme, chocolate chip pancakes and caramelized bananas were served.
Some of the party-goers during dinner.

Jake Maude and his peer mentor Poornith as "India and Gandhi".
Not pictured: Gandhi's salt (held in Poornith's left hand). 
You know it was a good time anytime Gandhi makes a guest appearance. 
Some of the other guests included: the three blind mice, “power on” and “power off” (that was hilarious in light of all the adaptations our students have had to make over the semester [that pun was unintentional, I promise you]), John Smith, and Pocahontas, and the rainbow. Yes, the rainbow.
Each color looked amazing! Their outfits never cease to amaze us. 
The night ended with a round of limbo (using Gandhi's staff as the limbo pole) and everyone joining in with the Macarena, which has become somewhat of a tradition during the hostel visits. 
The group consensus: costume parties are the best way to spend Valentines Day.

For more photos, see our Spring 2012 Facebook album.

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