Monday, March 26, 2012

In Pictures: Roof-top Party!

Holi, a religious festival celebrated all over India, is known as the Festival of colors. It celebrates the beginning of the new spring season and commemorates many events from Hindu mythology. It is most commonly celebrated in Northern India but our ISPers were able to celebrate it in the South with a little help from some friends. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to our Holi Celebration:

We began our party at sunset, on the roof of our apartments. T-shirt color of choice: white. (For obvious reasons.)
Getting the "color" ready. The dye in this bucket was used to fill up the squirt guns. 
Ashley and Abraham prepping the colors. There were two buckets filled with color and a bunch of pouches filled with colored powder. (Everyone got their own pouch of powder to throw).
The rules were simple:

  1. Avoid throwing color at the eyes and mouth.
  2. Have Fun! (Heavily emphasized by Abraham).
  3. Observe rules 1 & 2. 

(slow moving) Action shot!
Ingredients for a Holi celebration: colors and friends! (Roof is optional). That's all you really need.
Downstairs apartment. They love each other.  Clearly. 

Without a doubt, one of the best nights of this semester. These pictures (and our t-shirts) will definitely be some of our favorite things to show off to our friends and family back home. 

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