Monday, February 6, 2012

Beyond BACAS: Guides and Gurus:: Installment 3

Welcome to our third installment of Guides and Gurus, where we introduce you to some of the familiar, friendly faces in the lives of ISP students. To read other Guides and Gurus posts, click here.

As with our first two faces, our third face is that of peer mentor Shamini Manoharan. We love her for a lot of reasons, and the first reason that comes to mind is because she's sweet and sassy at the same time!
World, meet Shamini.
ISP Staffer Kandyce Pinckney and ISP Social Media Intern Celiz Aguilar sat down with Shamini this morning to ask her a few questions.

Shamini Mano Haran

Mano is your middle name? 
Yes. It’s also the first part of my dad’s name.

On Facebook, your last name is Manoharan?
Yeah, well, Facebook...

Hometown? You're from Coonoor, right?
No, I studied in Coonoor. I'm basically from Kanyakumari

What's the name of the place?

What are you studying at BACAS?
B-com (bachelor of commerce). I'm in my second year.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Mmm actually I wanted to… I have no idea. I want to do photography. Journalism. 

And you're studying commerce, not communications or writing?
I also wanted to do my international business degree.

What are you excited about this semester?
Umm… ::laughs:: Actually… mmm. Short term? Long term? ::thinks for a minute:: I am excited about going for consultancy and learning what I have to do to get my MIB (international business degree). 
Ashleigh, Jessica, Shamini and Hannah at the recent fashion show.

Is this an internship?
No, not an internship. I want to take up a course after this [completing studies at BACAS] for strategies for MIB.

What was your reaction when you were assigned as a peer mentor? 
SO excited! So happy, because I get to interact more with the foreigners. It's good exposure. It's good for language [learning], too.

What are your hobbies?
Basically... reading. 

Dancing! Singing in the [college] choir. Participating in extra cirriculars in college, everything! Except studying. That’s one thing I dislike.

Favorite Indian dish?
Naan and paneer butter masala.

Yes, I know.

What about the ISPers makes you laugh? Confuses you? Is there anything they say or do that makes you sit back and ask, 'what does that even mean?'
When you guys try talking louder than normal people (Normal Indians.) I think, 'Oh, she’s SHOUTING!' Especially Celiz. But it's ok, it’s really good to be loud. I like it. Because I’m always loud. Even in classrooms.
We'll call this Shamini's "fun-loving person" face!

Is there anything else you'd like the world to know about Shamini Manoharan?
Shamini Mahoharan? Such a boring person. ::laughs:: She’s just a fun-loving person. That’s it. Who wants to move around [and interact] with everybody in this world. Yeah!
You can look forward to more on homestay weekend and our weekly 'breakfast for dinner' club later this week. Thanks for reading! 

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