Monday, February 13, 2012

In Sum: Weekend in the Nilgiris!

Our trip to Ooty and the surrounding Nilgiri Mountains this past weekend was fun, refreshing and an adventure on numerous counts. Leaving from our apartments at 6 am, we hopped in several Jeeps and made our way up into the beautiful, green hills.
Beautiful green hills!
We stopped in Ooty just for breakfast and a quick visit to a Toda tribal village, where we were able to see several Toda temples and ask some questions about the Toda’s religion and culture.
Toda village in the Nilgiris
We then continued back down the mountain to the wildlife and tiger reserve at Mudhumalai, and our students had incredibly high hopes for an opportunity to ride an elephant! We went to a camp for elephants at the reserve and watched the elephants there being fed, and saw lots of monkeys, warthogs and a few elephants.
ISPeas on safari!
Sunday, we visited a tea estate and another village of tribal people, this group belonging to the Kurumba tribe. We asked questions, observed (and participated in!) a traditional dance and shared a snack of bread and jam with them before hopping back into the Jeeps and venturing back down the mountain to Coimbatore.
Some of the members of our group listening to our tour guide at the tea estate
This week, we’ll post more in detail about the tea plantation, our experiences in the tribal villages and our wildlife safari. Stay tuned!

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