Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Student Post: In Pictures:: Ashleigh Buchanan on Homestays!

This post was originally written by Ashleigh and posted on her blog. We wanted to share another homestay experience here, as each experience was exciting and unique. Enjoy!

Homestay Weekend!
by Ashleigh Buchanan

This past weekend the whole group was split into pairs to go on homestays with an Indian family.
Some of the children at the opening ceremonies
Becky and I stayed with a woman named Jayalatha Auntie and her two daughters. One of her daughters is 19 years old, and it was nice to have someone close to our age to talk to and spend time with over the weekend.
On Saturday we went with 
Jayalatha Auntie on a business trip to the not-so-nearby town of Dharmapuri. Jayalatha Auntie is one of the directors of a preschool chain in India and a school in Dharmapuri was having a "sports day" program that she needed to attend. I love Indian children so I was excited to see the program!
The "running race" event
During the closing ceremonies they had Becky and I help pass out the kid's medals and certificates. We felt like we were American Ambassadors! ;)
Ashleigh handing a certificate to a little athlete
On the way back we stopped at a roadside coconut stand for a quick drink. Its funny, they just have this knife where the cut open a hole, stick a straw in it, and you sip and enjoy!
Becky and Ashleigh posing with tender coconuts
The highlight of the roadtrip was getting to see wild monkeys for the first time in India. They aren't very common in Coimbatore, so I was excited to see them on the trip!
Wild monkeys!
(They are small, and blend in rather well but hopefully you can make them out.) I'm used to driving down the road and seeing herds of cattle, but groups of wild monkeys was so funny to see.

Over the course of the weekend we also had a lot of authentic Indian food, thankfully they toned down the spice a little bit and made it more enjoyable.

Becky and I were so thankful for Jayalatha Auntie's hospitality and will always remember this weekend of adventure.

Text and photos by Ashleigh Buchanan.

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