Thursday, February 9, 2012

Student Post: Kendra Fiddler on Homestays!

Kendra and Julianna both stayed with the David family for their homestay weekend. Being brave souls, they volunteered to do their homestay a weekend before the rest of the group. Here's Kendra's perspective on the same weekend Julianna wrote about last week!
Kendra, Julianna and their new sisters!
Julianna and I spent the weekend with Sam and Vasantha David. Our homestay weekend was incredible. Our family was hospitable and welcoming, and they love to laugh. I think what struck me the most was how much they love to laugh and how easily they laugh. Uncle kept trying to feed us all weekend, long after we were full. In fact, within 10 minutes of walking in the door for the first time, he made both Julianna and I weigh ourselves and told us we had to gain 5 kg over the weekend!
Kendra, Julianna and Vasantha Auntie at the college where Vasantha Auntie works
Auntie cooked delicious food for us (and toned down the spice), and they taught us to play Carom, a game that combines billiards and shuffleboard. We were pretty bad at it, but we thoroughly enjoyed it! 
Kendra, Julianna, Mrs. Williams and Vasantha Auntie at All Souls Church on Sunday morning
Archana (our “sister” for the weekend) took us shopping to get saris on Saturday, which we were both thrilled about, and on Sunday they took us to a Tamil movie. With a little bit of translation initially, we understood most of the plot without any English. And it was quite a cultural experience to visit an Indian movie theater… what with all the whistling, clapping, and shouting, they would not have been welcomed in an American theater. 

Staying with the Davids was a wonderful experience. We enjoyed them so much, and can’t wait to visit them soon!

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